Apply unsolicited

all genders

Who, me?

You didn’t see an opening in our job list, but you are sur: rajk needs you and your skills.
Those skills could be anything, but prerably have something to do with digital things. Maybe you are good at consulting? We love great project management and exemplary client service.
More of the logical and structural type? Maybe you should come work for us as a UX designer and/or information architect. Neither into numbers nor words? Instead, you like great ideas and beautiful images? We might have a place for you as a member of the creative team.
Whatever skills you bring and whether you are an industry veteran, a newbie or a career changer – we can’t wait to meet you!

Programming? Right this way.

Got it? Then send us an email with some initial background information and, if available, a link to your portfolio.

Jan Breinbauer

Managing Partner

You have a question regarding the job offer, us or our way of working? Send us a message.